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We are the First Pakistan's FREE Forex Training Aacademy providing FREE Forex Trading Education.

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Forex Trading is very popular now a days and many people want to know that how they can earn money online by Forex Trading. Bukhari Forex Academy is a online Forex Teaching Academy where you can learn Forex Trading Skills and Strategies free of cost.


At Bukhari Forex Acadmey BEST and Highly Trained Forex Trading Experts are available to guide you from ZERO to ADVANCED LEVEL.

Get Free Training about various trading skills and strategies via our YouTube Channel “Bukhari Forex Academy”.

We Teach you Basics

At Our Official Youtube Channel we teach you basics of Trading. If you are a newbie then we recommend you to Learn Basics from our Academy for a good start up.

We Love To Serve

Bukhari Forex Academy is the Pakistan’s First Forex Academy where all Courses, Lectures, LIVE Sessions and LIVE Classes are free.

We Teach you Step-By-Step

As We all know, starting Forex Trading is not so easy. But, Don’t you worry. Bukhari Forex Academy teaches you things Step-by-Step.

We Make you Pro

Bukhari Forex Academy offers BASIC to ADVANCED Courses that will help you make a Good Trader of all time.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We believe in Hard-Working and Dedication . Without these things You won’t be able to be SUCCESSFUL in your Forex Trading Career.

Start your Trading Career Now!! But first, you have to Learn Ups & Downs of Trading and learn about various strategies and principles.

At Bukhari Forex Academy find Our Best Forex Analysis, Fundamentals, Principals of Trading Free of Cost.

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